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Tangie is the owner of Tangie 5 Star Braids, not to mention one of the best braiders in the industry. Tangie started braiding hair at the age of 9 and though her first clients were her dolls; this eventually led to her doing the hair of a neighbor’s child. After becoming a mother of three beautiful daughters, Tangie’s passion for braiding fueled her ambition to attend cosmetology school where she graduated with a master’s at the top of her class in 2002. 


Soon after, Tangie opened her own salon in Ohio where she had struggled with a name before settling on “Compliments of Tangie”, a name recommended by her clients. From there Tangie started competing in hair shows against other braiders and in one competition stunned the judges with a dress she made out of braids. This type of creativity not only led to Tangie winning 1st place in competitions but also led to her becoming known and respected throughout the industry.

In 2010 Tangie moved to Atlanta and opened Tangie 5 Star Braid Shop. In 2013 she stepped out on faith and organized her very own “Braidfest” appropriately titled “Slay Braidfest” where Tangie created 30 different styles in just two days by herself. Over the years Braidfest has continued to grow and as recent as 2019 is considered to be one of the best. Tangie is the creator of the Spider braid and the Brick Heart hairstyle and is known for her creative vision and ability to create a new style every time she does someone’s hair.

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